Jane Chapman

Never give up and things do work out is the motto of the Chapman Family. Tric Chapman is looking forward to the Rett Conference in Rotorua and Tric Chapman has always moulied up Jane’s food but she loves her very finely ground high fat high protein diet. She comes home every weekend on Friday night and goes back on Monday morning. What a difference being well made, Jane could always feed herself with a spoon for most of her life. She lost a lot of weight when people thought she could feed herself, Tric says it is important to stand your ground as a parent. Jane can still walk and she can get into the fridge to say what she likes. She loves hiking and tramping with holding her parent’s arms on the tracks. She did not walk until she was seven. Trevor was in Forestry in Jane went to a Child Potential unit in Rotorua with a box like trolley with wheels which could be adjusted. Like Metronomes Tric and Trevor said one two for many kilometers they were on their knees to get the motion going. Her elder brothers used to help her too. Not for long periods but frequent periods and she could see what she can do. She had a nibs chariot –the boys were reluctant to take her out in the wheelchair. Jane delivers five meals on wheels with a helper on Monday. She loves doing this so much.

Exercise is so important in keeping Jane fit and well, being one of four children she had to fit in with the family regime so it gave her the ability to give and take time.

She is amazing but when she is sick she is feels miserable Jane was about 10-11 months before Trica noted the changes, a Plunket nurse thought Tric was neglecting her, because her head was not growing at the same rate as it had been there was a burden taken off one’s shoulders.

Her seizures come about every six months now- the medication is holding the seizures but from time to time they break out again.

Ensure the wonderful dietary aid is helping keep Jane strong and makes her well and happy.