Gabriella's Story

Gabriella Low is sixteen and she has been having 2 grams of colostrum and 30 mg of lacferon and one to two grams of fish oil a day. Gabriella has been having the colostrum since she was ten years old and the others more recently. Stephen her father, who is a mechanical engineer, thinks the fish oil helps the pain and her joints. Jan her Mother worked for aerospace industries and has a great interest in music. Vicky her sister is studying neuroscience at Otago University.

Before colostrum Gabriella had been in a wheel chair recovering from scoliosis surgery. One of Stephen’s friends was studying the effects of colostrum. It was a long term project where it took three months to make a real difference. Gabriella was on anti-biotics a lot of the time and slowly her muscles became stronger.

Gabriella's was 18 kilos at 10 and within six months she started to put on weight and in one year she was 30 kilos.

She is able to get out bed and pull herself up. She sits down, she walks and she loves her dogs too. She loves walking around the garden. We are almost certain she is saying “hello”, she looks with such understanding.

She loves going to school. She recognizes other people on the bus, and seems to understand when other people have problems too.

Gabriella loves music and singing. Last year she attended a singing and dancing class which is her favourite lesson of the day. Gabriella goes to Goldfields School in Paeroa. Nicky Van Rooyen also attends school with Gabriella.