Bronwyn's Story

Bronwyn is going to be 50 years old on 25 October 2007. Bronwyn lives with her Mother Mary in Auckland and remains at home well and comfortable with her Mother.

Although she does not walk now she loves visitors and not long ago when her Mother was putting her to bed, she said the magic words which we would all love to hear “I love you Mum.”

Mary said these were the most special words she had ever heard. Mary is wondering if Bronwyn needs glasses now so she is reading Elaine Johansen’s paper called “THE RIGHT TO SEE.” We are putting it on the webpage for all to study.

When Bronwyn was young a neurologist examined her and said something every parent believes and some others find hard to discover “there is such intelligence locked behind those eyes.”

Prof Rett who first discovered Rett Syndrome used to say you only have to look into their eyes to know we are being watched. I had a friend who used to say, “Kristen looks into my soul.”

We are living at a time where we are on the edge of the discovery of how to unlock these secrets. Bronwyn’s long life is a tribute to her Mother Mary’s devotion and care and her own strength of mind, knowing each day in our life is precious no matter what demands it brings. Loved and being loved is the most special gift in the world.