April 10 2014

Conference 2014: Education Seminar

It has been encouraging to see the numbers of teachers and teacher-aides attending. These dedicated people play such an important role in the development and education of our girls and undoubtedly have many ideas, knowledge and skills they could share with us.

Therefore and continuing the theme of education we would like to include a session at next years conference based around these wonderful people sharing these attributes for the benefit of all of us. Of course your own ideas, knowledge and skills should also be shared; lets un-tap this expansive knowledge base.

Helene Philpott who for 8 years, before retiring in December 2012, taught Jacinta Hall-Laing at St Joseph's School in Upper Hutt has agreed to facilitate the session. We would like her to be joined on the panel by 2-3 others. As we approach the conference and you become aware of the attendance of your own teachers/teacher/aides please encourage then to consider being a part of this panel; Helene will contact them and co-ordinate matters.

We believe there will be many great ideas out there which we can all look to build into furthering the education of our girls; please keep this in mind and look to share those ideas, knowledge and skills.