February 8 2020

2020 Conference Postponed


After careful consideration of the spread of the new Corona Virus, The Trustees of the RettNZ Trust have decided it would be prudent to wait a year in case the escalating situation becomes a pandemic.

Because the Rett girls and women have so many breathing problems it would be unwise to be in a situation where they may contract the virus.

Dugald visited the Hotel to explain the situation. Fortunately, the Novatel Ellerslie has allowed RettNZ to change the booking to 14-16 May 2021. We are very grateful to them and for the care they provide for our families. (They have kindly allowed us to transfer the deposit from this year to next year).

Distinguished Professor Dame Margaret Brimble said she is happy to open the conference again and to update us on her research.
Professor Russell Snell and Dr Jessie Jacobsen are both available to come to tell us about their exciting genetic research at the Brain Institute. The Scientists have agreed it is better to be cautious.

Mark liaises with our Dr Rosemary Marks who had assembled an interesting group of Fellow Specialists who are happy to wait for a year.

So many of you had needed advice on Anaesthetists. Mr James Houghton has agreed to speak next year. I know you will have your notebooks out for the advice he is able to give us.

Wendy Brenkley has assembled a group of expert speakers about the latest developments in accessing help on many fronts.

Conference is a special time of being together and exchanging information as well as learning from each other.