September 3 2014

An excellent report from Australia on our Rett NZ 2014 Conference

Rett New Zealand hosted their bi-annual family conference in Auckland between 16-18 May 2014. This report was prepared by Phil Creswell, a visitor to the Conference from Australia.
The conference was titled Rett University Conference, in recognition of the exciting work being undertaken by the key presenter Susan Norwell.
The conference presented a detailed two day format, with sessions presented as listed below:
1. Conference Welcome - Mr Dugald MacBrayne - Rett New Zealand Chairman
2. Focused Learning Solutions - Mrs Susan Norwell "Welcome to the Rett University"
3. NNZ2566 - A new drug for traumatic brain injury, Fragile X Syndrome and Rett Syndrome -
Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble CNZM, University of Auckland
4. Question and Answer Session - Dr Rosemary Marks, Paediatrician, Starship Hospital and
President NZ Paediatric Society
5. Education Forum - Mr Doug Laing (Rett New Zealand Treasurer), Mrs Susan Norwell, Ms
Helen Philpott (Teacher Aide) and Mrs Lisa Holten (Parent/Occupational Therapist)
6. Group Forums - Related to Age Groups of Girls
7. Further Questions and Discussions - Mrs Susan Norwell
8. Orthopaedic Challenges - Mr Haemish Crawford - Orthopaedic Consultant Surgeon, Starship
9. iPad Apps and Uses - Mrs Susan Norwell
Please download the .pdf version for Phil's full report on the Conference.