Useful links to New Zealand disability support services

Care Matters

Care matters is a National Carer Learning and Wellbeing Resource Service which provides current, relevant, consistent and accessible learning information. Care Matters operates a freephone service for Carers – 0508 236 236, ensures relevant materials are developed and placed on the website, facilitates a range of workshops and courses around New Zealand and develops a network of carers who can offer leadership to carers regionally.

Complex Care Group

Complex Care Group is a support and information network for carers who look after young people with intensive support needs, providing up-to-date information and support to carers to help them navigate the many challenges they face. Complex Care Group is also responsible for communicating to Ministry of Health, funders and other providers, the needs of this specific group.


Firstport provides comprehensive information and advice about disability in New Zealand, including funding provided by the New Zealand government and other agencies for children and adults with a long-term disability, injury or illness. Information centres are listed under 23 regional centres and equipment guides and accessible places to go are included.

Kids Health

Kids Health provides accurate and reliable information for NZ parents & whānau about the health and wellbeing of tamariki & rangatahi in Aotearoa, including resources and services for rare and genetic conditions.

Rare Disorders NZ

RDNZ is the only umbrella group for rare disorders in New Zealand and provides a strong common voice to advocate for an equitable healthcare system that works for the 300,000 Kiwis with a rare condition.

Education in New Zealand

Education in New Zealand is an education web portal provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, helping you find what you need to know about education in New Zealand.

Ministry of Health Disability Support Services

Ministry of Health Disability Support Services – the Ministry of Health website communicating about the range of services to support people with disabilities and the people who care for them.

New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres

New Zealand Federation of Disability Information Centres promotes and supports the local provision of impartial health and disability information and resource services. It is a voluntary network for the purposes of upholding established national standards, training, promotion and lobbying processes.

Office for Disability Issues

Office for Disability Issues is the focal point in government on disability issues, working towards a vision of New Zealand being a non-disabling society - a place where disabled people have an equal opportunity to achieve their goals and aspirations. The New Zealand Disability Strategy which guides the work of government agencies on disability issues from 2016 to 2026, and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its implementation in New Zealand are available on this site.

Talklink Trust

Talklink Trust believes communication is a fundamental human right & is committed to providing means for people to communicate and participate to the best of their ability. The provision of the right tools and strategies enhances independence, allowing more control over their lives and enabling them to make decisions that are important to them. There is a self-referral form on this site and Talklink can advise on eligibility for assessment and assistive technology equipment funding.