Conference 2008


Momentum Conference was a great success, with the attending families unanimous in their approval of the two international speakers who updated them on the latest developments in Rett syndrome.

Prof John Christodoulou, an outstanding Australian geneticist and Rett researcher, gave presentations on his research and his Rett clinics at Westmeade Children's hospital. Kathy Hunter, founder of the International Rett Association, gave an afternoon of wonderful advice to parents with many practical suggestions for coping with the day to day challenges of living with Rett girls. Helping to make parents aware of their rights were Trish Grant, Adocacy Manager for IHC, John Forman. Executive Director of the NZ Organisation for Rare Diseases and special education teacher Fiona Rammell. Four fathers talked about the special relationship with their Rett daughters in a forum called Daddy's Girl. The conference was summed up by Rob Pakes, John Forman and Gillian Deane.